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Spectrum Spatial can facilitate the capture of aerial data from a range of platforms and sensors, including our own industry-leading UAV’s based In Perth but providing services throughout WA.
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Aerial Data Capture


Spectrum Spatial can facilitate the capture of aerial data from a range of platforms and sensors, ensuring data is appropriate and economical. Be it employing our own industry-leading UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) flown by our CASA certified UAV pilots, managing the acquisition of aerial data from a suite of manned-aircraft models operating both nationally and internationally, or facilitating the delivery of high resolution, multispectral satellite imagery for projects at the regional scale, Spectrum Spatial can tailor the right solution for your project.


Spectrum Spatial have multiple UAV platforms, including both fixed-wing and multi-rotor options, to cover a range of job requirements and environmental conditions. All our UAV’s are survey-grade, and are capable of capturing imagery as low as 1 cm GSD, to provide highly accurate, 2D orthomosaics and 3D surface models. Sensors include true colour (RGB), Near Infrared (NIR), Red Edge (RE), and thermal. All our UAV pilots hold CASA certified UAV licences. An excellent option for rapid, accurate, data acquisition, of small to medium sized sites.


Spectrum Spatial can facilitate and manage the capture of aerial data from a suite of manned-aircraft operating across Australia and overseas, from single engine to twin turbo-props. Manned aircraft are particularly economical over larger extents, and may allow for multiple sensors to be flown simultaneously. A wide range of sensors may be fitted to manned-aircraft including true colour, multispectral, thermal, hyperspectral, and LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), capturing data at survey-grade accuracies.


With increasing resolution, lower cost and easy availability, high-resolution satellite data is becoming a popular choice for large and small scale regional mapping projects. High-resolution satellites like Worldview 3 make it easier and more cost effective to create or update map products, while some project requirements may be satisfied by freely available satellite imagery, such as LANDSAT. Stereo-satellite imagery is also available for producing 3D surfaces across large extents. Spectrum Spatial can liaise with satellite imagery providers to find the most appropriate and economical solution for your project.

Historical Data

In some cases, a project may not require new imagery to be captured. Instead, existing historical data, captured by manned-aircraft or satellite may be available. Spectrum Spatial can source this data for your project from local government agencies, such as Landgate, enabling significant cost-savings to be realised.

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