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Spectrum Spatial is Perth's premier Aerial Data Capture, Spatial Analysis, 3D Surface Mapping and Aerial Data Capture Services Company, providing industry and government with specialist aerial data capture and proven technological resources for remote sensing and general mapping services.
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About us

Get to know Spectrum Spatial

Spatial Analysis & Aerial Data Capture Consultancy

Spectrum Spatial, previously known as Survey Graphics, was established by Peter Scott in 1987, and has been one of the leading mapping and remote sensing consultancies in Australia and Southeast Asia for over 30 years. In 2016, Survey Graphics was acquired by Spectrum Ecology Pty Ltd and in 2019 the trading name was changed to Spectrum Spatial to reflect the close association with the ecological arm of the business, whilst maintaining a dedication to geospatial science and products.

Whilst large scale aerial survey and photogrammetric production of orthomosaics and 3-dimensional map products are still our bread and butter, Spectrum Spatial has evolved and embraced new technologies, including Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) data acquisition and processing, LiDAR processing, Machine Learning for image analysis and feature extraction, and cloud-based solutions for rapid processing of large and complex data sets, to name but a few. Our team of highly competent specialists are here to assist your business with all your geospatial needs.




Dr. Cam Mounsey


Dr Cam Mounsey is the General Manager of the team at Spectrum Spatial. Cam has a strong background in spatial ecology, completing his PhD in 2013 at the University of Western Australia. He is highly experienced in the use of remote sensing technology along with a broad range of GIS analytical tools and the application of spatial statistics, and is responsible for the introduction of remote sensing technology and spatial analyses for environmental assessment at several large WA mining companies. Cam is also an experienced project manager, having planned and managed many aerial survey and mapping programs for a wide variety of clients over large and small extents.


Chris Parker

Senior Spatial Analyst

Chris Parker has been working in the fields of remote sensing, GIS analysis, and spatial data management since 2011, and is currently building on his previous formal training via a Masters of Geospatial Science at Curtin University. Chris is experienced in the use of data sourced from a range of platforms and sensors, including satellite, manned-aircraft, and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), and is a CASA-certified UAV pilot, having completed numerous successful missions across the state in a wide range of environments. Chris is highly skilled in the application of Python scripting for the production of customised spatial tools and workflows to solve client’s unique spatial challenges.


Evan Hamilton

Senior Photogrammetrist/Cartographer

Evan Hamilton has 18-years experience working in the Cartographic and Photogrammetric (Aerial Survey) industry, producing a range of orthomosaic and three-dimensional map products for Mining, Forestry, and Local Government sectors. Evan is familiar with the wide and varied requirements of our clients and is highly skilled in the application of numerous software suites, including the processing of large and small (UAV) format data sets, topographical and contour mapping, and volume calculations. 


Dr Peter Ramzi

GIS and Remote Sensing Analyst

Dr Peter Ramzi has over 14-years experience in the fields of remote sensing, GIS analysis, and computer vision, and holds both a Masters Degree and PhD in Remote sensing and Photogrammetry. He is skilled in the production of orthomosaics, and three-dimensional map production and feature extraction using data acquired from satellite, manned-aircraft, and UAV. Peter is highly proficient in scripting in Python, C++ and Matlab for geospatial applications, and is experienced in the application of Machine Learning algorithms and cloud-based processing for large, complex datasets.


Keith Johnson

Computer Programmer

Keith Johnson is Spectrum Spatial’s Computer Programmer, specialising in the fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, and cloud-based processing. Keith has over 12-years experience in the field and is currently concluding his PhD which explores the development of “life-long” learning processes in Machine Learning algorithms. Keith utilises his considerable knowledge to develop customised, streamlined, effective solutions to geospatial challenges, leveraging the latest machine learning methods and cloud computing to increase efficiencies and scale of processing to very large data sets.